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How to Lease a Car with Bad Credit

A credit score is composed of just three short numerals, but it can affect your life in profound and frustrating ways. For example, if you don't have a car, a poor or nonexistent credit score could greatly impede your ability to purchase a new one. Luckily, you have other options. Although you may struggle to be approved for a car loan, you can find a car to lease. In fact, you could find a lease-to-own vehicle through a dealership that doesn't give a hoot about your dismal credit score. It's easier than you might think—we promise! So if you're wondering how to lease a car with bad credit, simply scroll down.

How to Lease a Car with Bad Credit

How to Lease a Car with Bad Credit

1. Research Car Leasing Dealerships. From their enthusiastic commercials on TV and the radio, you might assume that auto dealerships are eager to sell a car to anyone. However, many of those crazy deals come with a little catch in the fine print: "subject to credit approval." Although some dealerships will lease cars to people who have bad credit, others will not. Do a little research to find out which dealerships will ignore your credit score. Then, check out their vehicles, services, reputability, application process, and costs. For example, do they require upfront sales tax? Do they have a lease-to-own program? Do they have any special promotions available?

2. Save Up Money for a Down Payment. Chances are, if a dealership is willing to overlook your poor credit score, they will require a down payment. The down payment will vary in price depending on the vehicle you choose. After this initial payment, you will make regular lease payments for the remainder of the lease (typically 24-36 months). So to get the ball rolling, start saving your pennies for that down payment.

3. Apply for a Lease. Ready to get started? Once you've found your preferred dealership, it's time to apply for a lease. Forget about your credit score; it doesn't matter anymore! However, in lieu of a credit history, you may need to provide the dealership with your employment history, your household income, and/or your length of residency. Hopefully, the process will be quick and simple, and you'll be approved without any stress or hassle.

4. Find your car. Once you're approved, start searching for a car! Figure out your budget and stay safely within it, so that you won't have any trouble making your down payment and lease payments. Then, look at the cars' reliability, efficiency, mileage, and more. Finally, before you make your final decision, you would be well-advised to have your chosen vehicle inspected as well.

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