Find Your Car FAST!

Find Your Car FAST!


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Finding a Car Online

We all know how notorious certain car salesmen are…. There's a stereotype that all car salesmen are out to get the most money from the customer, and try to hide as much as possible. This is where the internet comes into play - you can quickly and easily fact-check what your salesmen is saying about the car in question, and start to match up what car would be best for you (Here at Auto by Rent, we encourage this!). No one wants to get stuck with a car that doesn't suit them or their budget. With some of the fastest internet speeds in the world, Chattanooga is one of the best cities to research cars online. By researching cars, you can eliminate certain ones off of the list to choose from and help you make a better decision. Take a look at the following steps to help you find your dream car (before you ever step foot in the car lot!):

    1. Answer this question: Do you need another car? If your car is constantly broken down on the side of the highway, you probably need to get a new one. Or, maybe your current car gets 13 miles to the gallon, and you're looking on ways to save money on gas. Maybe you're even looking to get a car for a daughter or son - knowing why you need a car will help define your search. You also need to start considering your budget for this new car.
    2. After deciding you need a car, your next step should be to run to a computer. Known as the "Gig City," you can bet that Chattanooga is the best place to be when it comes to hunkering down on your laptop for a while.
    3. Do a general search on what type of vehicle would suit your needs; SUV, truck, car, van, convertible, etc. Take into consideration the approximation of gas mileage, trunk space, and bulkiness of the types of vehicles. If you have kids, you'll want the space. If you live in the city, you probably won't want a bulky SUV. And if you live a large distance from your job, you probably won't want a gas-guzzler.
    4. Once you've figured out the type of vehicle, you can start to narrow your search even more by looking at the best-rated makes and models of that type of vehicle in Tennessee. This will show you which cars people around you use and trust, and which ones are rated the best for safety as well.
    5. Search for car lots in your area. Are you wanting a conventional lot or a Buy Here Pay Here? What about something completely innovative, like a Lease to Own? With a Lease to Own, you're only paying for the time that you use the car. There is also no up front sales tax or licensing fees. Auto by Rent has two locations around Chattanooga, and is your only local Lease to Own lot!
    6. Find a car lot that you like? You've researched their warranty, service, and reputation? Now it's time to check out their inventory! At Auto By Rent, we've got our inventory on the website ready for you to view!
    7. You found the perfect vehicle! Apply online! This way you know you're approved and the deal is good to go. It also saves you time when you're at the dealership.
    8. The last thing you need to do is to head over to the car lot! At Auto by Rent, we prioritize our customer's wishes above all else and treat you with the respect you deserve. We'll put you in the ride that best suites your budget, wants, and needs.

You don't have to be afraid of car salesmen! They aren't out to get you - they're just trying to find you the best car for you. To make that easier on everyone, make sure to break out that laptop before ever going to the car lot. Just by taking the time to research a little, it could save you hours at a dealership asking questions you could've already known the answers to! If you are worried about being hassled from regular car salesmen, stop by Auto by Rent today - where every customer is treated with respect and professionalism.